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5 mistakes to avoid while writing an evaluation essay

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There was a time when essays were considered to be simple paragraphs strung together to formulate a short piece of writing on a certain subject, presenting the writer’s view. We all grew up writing various essays on different topics.

Nowadays, essays are classified into various types, each depending on the specifications of the topic at hand and what the basic purpose being fulfilled by that particular essay is. This helps distinctly categorize each essay.

Evaluation essays are extremely useful when it comes to comparing certain objects or ideas. Such pieces of writing provide a thorough argument backed by solid evidence and logic, thus providing an accurate benchmark for the reader to judge the topic being discussed and form their own opinion on it. To write perfect and avoid plagiarism feel free to contact essay writing service. 

Steps to Write an Evaluation Essay:

Based on the unique nature and purpose of an evaluation essay, an essay writer must keep in mind the following steps while writing one, to ensure the highest quality and best possible result:

  1.     Choosing a topic:

Choosing a topic is an important part of writing an evaluation essay, as one needs to provide a strong argument regarding the chosen subject. Hence, it is important to know the topic well.

  1.     Formulating the Thesis Statement:

The thesis statement in an evaluation essay gives the purpose of the entire work. It provides and clarifies the direction the essay is going to take and allows the writer to evaluate certain criteria and choose examples. It is important in explaining the merit of the object one is writing about.

  1.     Setting a Criteria:

One must come up with the criteria which will be used to judge and evaluate the topic at hand. One must evaluate the issue using several points, thus making the process easier.

  1.     Supporting Evidence:

Finding supporting evidence to back one’s argument is of extreme importance. Since the writer is going to be evaluating and judging a certain object, it is important to make fact-based claims and not generic statements. This will allow readers to consider the argument more seriously.

  1.     Making a Rough Draft:

Before finalizing the essay, it is important to make up a rough draft and get it checked by someone else, thus ensuring the essay comes across correctly and delivers on the point intended.

  1.     Following the Classic Essay Structure:

A good essay must follow the essay structure properly, meaning it must have the following three parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion

There should be an introduction that introduces the basis of evaluation, the main body of the essay should contain paragraphs with the supporting evidence that supports our judgment regarding the subject. Finally, one must conclude the essay by providing a summary and reiterating the final evaluation.

  1.     Proofreading:

Proofreading your essay multiple times is critical. It allows you to pick out any mistakes and address all the concerns. It is also a good idea to get your essay proofread by someone else, thus acquiring a different point of view.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Evaluation Essay:

Just as the above-listed steps are important to follow to write a good evaluation essay, there are certain things one must avoid to ensure the final draft of the essay to be qualitative and as per the requirement. Before one proceeds with the thought, ‘I am going to sit down and write my essay’, there are a few things one must stay clear of.

  1. An evaluation essay is not a review:

It is important to realize that the purpose of an evaluation essay is not to review a certain topic, book, movie, or something else. An evaluation essay must give a detailed personal assessment of a chosen subject.

  1. Choosing a topic that is too expensive:

If one chooses a topic that is too deep and vast, there will be a large amount of data that has to be dealt with, thus allowing several possibilities of errors. 

  1. Having an insufficient criterion:

Writing about insufficient criteria will make it difficult to assess the subject in discussion thoroughly, thus leading to a weak argument.

  1. Using Generic Statements:

While writing an argumentative essay, it is crucial to avoid any generic statements that are not backed by facts. One must not make any assumptions based on personal opinion, but provide a logic-based factual argument that allows the reader to evaluate the object chosen, and develop a certain perspective or opinion.

  1. 5Using an Informal Tone:

It is to be understood that the essay must not become informal or casual at any point. It is okay to use positive and negative arguments to explain the argument, allowing the reader to understand one’s point of view better and from all aspects, but the tone shall not be informal as it causes the argument to sound less compelling and thus, the essay loses its shape.

An efficient and simple way several people tend to choose nowadays when it comes to getting essays written is contacting a paper writing service, and having them write your essay. Nowadays, some professionals will produce the finest quality essays for you and deliver the work as per your deadline, thus allowing you to take a breather and let an expert take care of the work for you. Although, even if you are to utilize such services, it is important to know the basics yourself, so that you may be able to evaluate the work properly before making use of it.

An evaluation essay allows the writer to judge an object based on certain facts, characteristics, and principles. The essay needs to make its point clearly and strongly, so the reader gets a sense of what the writer intends to say, and can make their assessment after having read the evaluation essay.

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