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How to Delete Kik Account Permanently?

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A Canadian-based messaging app, Kik had 300 million regular users. The messaging app which is totally free, users could receive and send an unlimited number of messages- graphics, videos, gifs, etc.- to another fellow Kik user. In 2016, it was reported, that 40% of the targeted audience, American teens were using it. A user could maintain their anonymity, and communicate with the user at the other end, without revealing their real names or names, which made it harder for law and enforcement to derive any information regarding the other user. As a result, multiple crime cases were reported, and guardians and parents deleted the account of the teenagers. Founded by Ted Livingston, the most attractive features were the swift receival and sending of messages. Along with media sharing, Kik released the feature of pseudo gaming as well, which was subsequently followed by the competitors. They had a huge active user base, and a more intuitive interface, which enabled them to expand their business. 

Whatsapp Vs KIK

However, as compared to WhatsApp, where an available phone number is required for activation and to use it, any person can delete/deactivate their profile, and create profiles easily. Creating a new account is more accessible, and this is the reason, a wrong person has the ability to create multiple accounts for all the wrong reasons. From a broader perspective, Kik is more like a dating app, trying to meet newer people. In contrast to WhatsApp, it doesn’t require a private phone number. Due to the advent of more messenger apps, a greater number of people want to delete their profiles from Kik.

How to get a break from KIK:

Kik, like Instagram, can be deactivated and reactivated, however, if the user deletes their account, it will be removed permanently. To delete Kik account permanently, a user requires a web browser, and cannot do it on the Kik app. Before mentioning the steps on how to delete kik account permanently, one should know what happens when the account is deleted:

  • Access to the account is no longer provided

  • once delete the Kik account permanently, your user interface experience is deleted. You cannot receive or send any messages using the Kik app

  • No one can search for your username on the Kik app, since the account is deleted

  • No one will have access to your profile, even if there were conversations conducted.


If you desire to temporarily deactivate your account, unsure of permanently deleting it, you need to:

  1. Go on a Web Browser

  2. Open the Kik account deactivation portal

  3. Enter the email address for your Kik profile

  4. Select GO

  5. A deactivation link is sent to the email address of the user

  6. Click on the link to proceed with the deactivation process

  7. Your account is deactivated

  8. If you wish to reactivate, you need to Sign-In via the Kik app


However, if you wish to remove your account forever, and do not intend to leave a trace of your profile on the app anymore, you can delete it by following the necessary steps:

  1. Go on a Web Browser

  2. Type

  3. Enter username and password

  4. You will be asked to provide a reason for leaving the application. 

  5. Enter a reason why you are deleting your profile

  6. You will be provided with an acknowledgement in your inbox, for the permanent deletion of the account

  7. Select GO

  8. You will get a permanent deactivation, your delete.

Therefore, we can delete our account in the browser, using the Kik deactivation and reactivation pages. Thus, how to delete Kik accounts permanently and the choice of deactivation, depends on the user's requirements.

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