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Difference Between a Summary and Conclusion Every Student Must Know

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Writing a conclusion is a complex process as it has to carefully include all the aspects of the paper. However, with practice, you can write it like an expert essay writer. A conclusion comes at the end of the paper, so it has to include all the important information mentioned in the paper.


The conclusion moves from the specific to the general as opposed to the introduction, which moves from the general to the specific. A conclusion is like an afterword that includes the whole gist of the paper and includes all important points.


A research paper or essay requires a conclusion at the end to provide a proper ending to it. Whereas, a summary of any text includes a shorter version of the main text with the important facts and figures.


Differences between a summary and a conclusion





The ending of research or essay that concisely answers the research

Includes the main and concise ideas discussed in a text


It comes at a final judgment or verdict by concluding all the important points

It outlines the important points

What it does

It wraps up the entire topic in the end

It restates the points already mentioned in a piece of writing


It is 10% of the original text

The length is variable according to the main text. It is 5 to 15% percent of the text.



It includes the recommendation, findings, results, lessons learned, and future steps

Central ideas are presented clearly and precisely

Personal ideas

Can include the personal opinions of the writer

Only includes the information presented in the articles without adding personal opinions.



Now let’s have a look at both the summary and the conclusion in detail.



A summary is a brief and concise presentation of any piece of writing such as a paper, essay, story, drama, lecture, or movie. A summary covers all important information while omitting insignificant details. All you have to do is approach an essay writing service and ask them “I need someone to write my essay?”, they will get back to you in time and provide you with an amazing paper.


The length of the summary is variable depending upon the length of the original document. It is usually 5 to 15% of the original text that can vary between 1 to 3 pages.


The purpose of a summary is to provide the information in a concise and easy-to-read format, which increases the comprehension and saves time of the reader.


How to write a summary

Read the text thoroughly, more than once. It should be read at least twice or thrice to understand the text.


Note down the important points by highlighting or writing them down. 


Identify different parts of the paper and summarize the sections in your own words.


Objectively write the summary without missing personal biases in the text.


Write the final draft and compare it against the original text to ensure all important points are covered.


Ideal summary

The ideal summary should include all the important information presented in the original text.


It should include the main arguments and their supporting arguments if there is enough space.


The examples and additional details should be omitted to reduce the length of the content.


It should be rephrased except for the keywords that may be retained.


It should only convey the theme of the original content but should be fully rewritten.



The conclusion is the part of the essay given at the end of the writing to deduce meaning from the whole text. It generates a comprehensive statement or idea at the end of the paper.


Any topic is thoroughly discussed, investigated, and explored before coming to a conclusion which includes the final process in the reasoning.


The conclusion is a summary of the ideas discussed in the paper along with the final thoughts and concluding remarks. When I write my essay, I make a list of the keywords used in the paper that I use to write the conclusion. This helps me stay to the point, while covering all important details, and this ensures that nothing significant is omitted.


The conclusion gives the ability to give a final say or opinions on the ideas discussed in the paper. It provides connectivity between ideas and provides a link between them. It provides the significance of ideas and pushes readers to think about them.


How to write a conclusion

Locate the important points and keywords in the paper


Synthesize a concise conclusion on the presented data to arrive at deductions.


Explain the significance of the findings and their impacts.


Discuss the potential course of development for future studies or share solutions to the problems discussed in the paper.


A conclusion may include personal opinions, arguments, and suggestions.


Ideal conclusion

The ideal conclusion should include;


Summary of the important points mentioned in the paper and personal opinions


It should drive at final deductions based on the arguments presented in the paper


It should give a proper and meaningful ending to the essay


It should synthesize the text into a uniform and connected body having a conclusive ending.


If you are facing any problems in writing a summary or conclusion effectively, don’t be afraid to practice it. If you still feel confused about your writing skills and feel like something might be missing, you can contact an essay writing service called There are many online services available to help you with your essay.


Knowing the right way to write a summary and a conclusion will help you achieve good grades and improve your writing abilities. 


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