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Two Types of VPN Connections

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– Standard: The WebVPN allows you to view restricted Web pages by logging in with your UCInetID and password.
– Advanced: The software-based VPN requires downloading and installing VPN software. Once installed and configured, you can login and receive a UCI IP Address giving you access to resources as if you were on campus.

WebVPN is a Web based version of the VPN. With it you can connect to UCI restricted Web sites.

– Using the WebVPN

Software VPN
If you are setting up a VPN connection for the first time, please follow the steps below.

1. Download the Software
2. Install and configure the Software

If you already have VPN installed and need help, continue to Troubleshooting Tips

Full Tunnel
The "full" tunnel sends all your internet traffic through the VPN connection, and then out to the internet through UCI's connection.

The "full" tunnel is useful for people who need to access sites off-campus that need a UCI IP address to allow access to a resource. The UCI Library has links to resources such as these. If you wanted to access the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), you can't get to it with a split tunnel because it's off campus and your off-campus packets aren't network address translated to UCI addresses. By using the "full" tunnel, this problem is circumvented. However, note that *all* your traffic is sent through the VPN connection and then out UCI's internet connection.

You should use the "full" tunnel VPN connection with care since heavy use can cause an increase in UCI's internet connection costs, and is likely slower than the split tunnel method.

Timeouts and Limitations

After you raise your free google chrome vpn client and initiate the connection, you will remain connection while you are actively using it. If the connection is idle for one hour, it will be a "timeouts". If you are not going to use your computer, it is best to remove the connection yourself to free the tunnel for someone else. In any case, when you later return to your computer, you will need to re -initiate the connection, if you still need to use VPN.

There is a limit of 2 VPN tunnels, which can be simultaneously installed under one UCINETID.

VPN Campus provides users out of campus access to university resources, which are usually available for remote users and, thus, is a critical resource. Appliance VPN processes compounds for all users through the same 100 MB interface. Users of applications with intense bandwidths that are not related to the university’s academic mission can cause damage to other VPN users.

For this reason, Gnutelella, Kazaa, Bit Torrent, E-Donkey and other file exchange programs (P2P) (P2P) (as well as Internet games and other high-profile recreation applications) are not allowed on VPN.

VPN Addresses
For those of you who would like to allow or restrict access from VPN users, here are the possible address ranges that VPN users will be using. – – – – – –

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