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The Reasons Why We Love Wooden Wall Shelves

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Wall shelves become an important part as far as home décor and utility of space are concerned. Small wall shelves in the living room and bedroom become a storage space and rack which will hold your things such as showpieces, table clocks, and books just in as decorative way possible.

In this write-up, we will discuss types of wall shelves and the ways in which you can utilize them in the best way possible.

Types of Wall Shelves

  • Depending on the Size: There are small, medium, and big wall shelves. The size segregation depends upon how many racks the shelf has and how many things can it hold. Choosing a shelf as per the size of the room or size of the wall is the safest option available as a bigger shelf on a small size wall shall neither look good nor it shall serve the actual purpose of placement.

  • Depending on Design: Depending on the design, there can be plain looking as well as designer racks. Both plain wall shelves and designer wall shelves can be bought online and can be made by a carpenter as well. It depends on you which one suits you the best. Designer walls come in designs like butterfly wall shelf, guitar wall shelf, cactus wall shelf, and much more and you will surely get this amazing range at DecorGlance. Shop with them and get closer to your dream home interior collection.

  • Depending on Type: Based on type, wall shelves can be open or closed. Open wall shelves are the most common ones but closed ones always save on the dust piling on items kept on the racks of these shelves. New forms of wall shelves include an intelligent amalgamation of open and closed wall shelves that let you get a space open for showcasing your beautiful pieces or art and closed shelves for storing books and other things which you would not want to be visible to everyone.

How to make use of wall shelves?

There are many ways in which you can place wall shelves for added storage options, comfort, and utility. Let’s have a look at some of the ways:

  • Place the Wall Shelf on ground

You can place a wall shelf on the ground if your interior allows you. Grounded wall shelves have merit and demerit in common. They get to catch dust faster and also can be cleaned easily owing to easy access.   

  •  Hang the Wall Shelf

Most people prefer hanging the wall shelf at some height from the ground. It improves in better visibility of the items kept on the shelf and the shelf itself.

  •  Placing Wall Shelf Series: Just like panel paintings, wall shelves can be placed together to create an attractive pattern. This adds more utility & functionality and adds a spark to your home interiors. It looks more dimensional. For example, placing a swan wall shelf in a manner in which both the swans face each other is a wall décor option that will attract attention always.

What not to do with wall shelves?

There are, however some don’ts, that should be kept in mind while buying or placing a wall shelf.

·         Never put pressure on wall shelves while cleaning otherwise they may come out of their hang hooks.

·         Never put planters without a base on wall shelves as water might drip and soil rotten the wood of your wall shelves.

·          Avoid placing too heavy items on the wall shelves as it might put pressure and affect the wall plaster. Chipping off of walls may also take place in this case.

·         As wall shelves are available in almost all colors and finishes, choose the one that matches the best with your interior wall colors.

·         Go with wall shelves that have wooden finishes rather than the colored ones and wood finish goes well with almost all wall colors so, if you change a wall color, you do not necessarily have to change all the wall shelves you have chosen to be placed on your wall.

Wall shelves can be bought online from trusted seller websites. They can also be a form of DIY made from leftover pieces of wood if your home has just undergone renovation or construction. DecorGlance deals in exquisite collection of home décor items like wallpapers, wall clocks, wall stickers, wall shelves and much more. They are driven by the purpose of quality products at affordable prices. The designs here are unique, robust and inspired from modern form of home interiors. 

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