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Free Unlimited Texting And Faxing On TextNow

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TextNow is a Canadian startup that has launched a new mobile service in United States. TextNow is another free texting mobile service carrier. Now can you send a fax from iphone and receive text messages within USA and Canada. You or me, any user of TextNow will receive his own 10-digit USA phone number that can be used for receiving texts and faxs. While you could use services like WeChat for PC to send and receive free texts, there is no match to having your own phone number where you can get texts from anyone in the world. TextNow also gives you the benefit to text from web, just by logging into their account using your ID and password. Best feature of TextNow is sending unlimited SMS by just paying $18.99 for a month. It is simply a SMS mobile service which does not allows you to send pictures or videos via TextNow unlimited text plan.

How TextNow Works

If you want to start using this mobile service, all you need to do first is create your free account with user name and password. As you log in it start searching for your current zip code. And if it does not specify your current zip code then it will search for the zip code near by your current location. Your contact list is automatically integrated with TextNow, you have to just click the compose icon – select the contact number and – start typing the message.

TextNow is an SMS service that gives you unlimited messaging in USA and Canada, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay a single penny. Your incoming faxs are free and you get 750 mins for your out going faxs.There are many upgrade features which are paid like

1. fax forwarding (US$2.99),
2. ringtone packs (US$0.99),
3. premium wallpapers (US$0.99) and
4. one year of ad-free texting (US$5.99).

You can purchase any of these upgrades with your phone plan. Below table shows you three different plans that TextNow has

1.Tall Plan,
2. Grande Plans and
3. Venti Plan.

Looks like the owners of TextNow used to work at a coffee shop.

Note: We don’t know about TextNow, which service does it use to send your messages when we are not connected to your Wi-fi. We tried to find a lot but din’t get any solid answer, rumors are that they use Sprint similar to Republic Wireless. Please let us know if you find something related to it.

TextNow v/s Cellular Plans

Here we are comparing TextNow with other Cellular service providers to get an overall idea of TextNow and other Cellular Plans offering same services.

As you can look on the above table, we have compared TextNow’s rates with other companies’ plans. We can conclude by comparing that TextNow has cheaper plans than AT&T and Sprint. In just $18.99 TextNow gives you 750 anytime minutes for out going faxs, incoming is free and 500MB data usage, while on the other hand AT&T gives less fax minutes with higher rate of $39.99 and Sprints although have unlimited minutes but rate is just triple than TextNow.

If we talk about data packs then also TextNow is cheaper than AT&T and Sprint. In just $18.99 it gives you 500 MB data usage and on the other hand AT&T provide 300 MB with more rate of $20 than TextNow. SMS are unlimited in all the 3 carriers, but rates are totally different. TextNow give unlimited SMS in $18.99, AT&T in $20 and Sprint in $80. We can say that for all services and plans TextNow is cheaper than AT&T and Sprint.

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