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Read This Article To Know About Google My Activity

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Almost everyone includes Google services as much as possible, whether it's a search engine, distributed storage, or YouTube.

In addition, every service you use is taken care of in the background marked by your Google My Activity.

Considering Google is the most popular search engine; your activities are also saved to your account.

But how can you access Google activity history? Also, how should you delete each of your activities in several Google services?

Types Of Saved Google Activities

Assuming you use a mobile phone alongside Google services, Google tracks several activities.

Here is a brief description of such activities that Google stores:

1. History of YouTube

2. Google search history.

3. History of maps

4. Location History

5. Device access or usage history (for Android)

Usage data not only prompt you to read what you've been looking for, but it also helps you detect unauthorized usage once in a while.

Significantly, the similar arrangement of steps used to manage your Google activity applies regardless of whether you're using the general web browser or the workspace web browser.

You can find options using the versatile Google app, but you'll want to use a web browser to access and manage the activity.

How Would You Access Your Google History?

To get everything started, go to the Google My Activity page in your Google Account.

This is where you'll want to access all of your activity across different services, and you may choose to look for something explicit.

In case you look down, you can track all of your new activities and channel them concerning the item/service you use.

What You Need To Know Before Deleting Your Google Activity History

Now that your track record has become undeniably clear, there are a few things to be aware of before you start deleting your entire activity history.

· When you delete an experience set, you will not be able to restore it.

· Regardless of whether you delete a set of experiences, more cutting-edge activities may naturally be recorded.

· Regardless of whether you are signed in, some Google apps can track your activity on the actual device.

· You can choose to automatically delete a set of tracked experiences.

· You can choose to disable activity tracking.

Considering you can't recover your experience, it might be smart to play boost your data.

To reconsider, in case you need to have a historical background of Google My Activity in Chrome, Android device usage, Google search, or YouTube search history.

In case you haven't removed it before, it's usually important to go back to it.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Backing Up Your Google Activity History

Here's how to back up your data, which you might want to do before clearing your Google My Activity log:

1. Make a beeline for your Google account management page.

2. From the available options, you want to tap on Data and Personalization.

3. After that, you should look down and trace the Download Your Data option. Click on it to continue.

4. You will currently need to select the services for which you need to back up Google My Activity. Naturally, everything is selected; in case you don't need to bother with all the data, you can deselect it.


5. You will then be approached to select a document type and strategy for obtaining a backup. You can choose to directly back up your Google Drive account or download it and connect to the various options via email.

In case you have a lot of related data, this cycle can take days to complete. So you should wait for it to finish before clearing your search history and various activities.

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