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What Does Lol Mean in The Digital Text Communication?

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There are actually so many people all across the globe who have been asking the similar kind of the question that what does lol mean in the digital text communication?''

So, exactly what does the L.O.L. mean in the digital text language and communication?

The meaning of the term or the internet slang, we can say that L.O.L., which is known to be laughing out louder as well as also can be known to be the lots of love.

Be it the teenagers, be it the adults, be it the kids, or even be it the old people, each and every single person is finding out the similar answer to the question that what does lol mean in the texting language?

The internet slangs, abbreviations, and we can also say that the acronyms are being used by the people all across the globe to a very great extent in order to make the whole of the communication and conversation easier and also smoother. Along with the same, the abbreviations and acronyms are known to be created in a very lay man kind of the manner, which means if you want to make any kind of the abbreviation or acronyms then you just need to used the initials of all the words.

An example of internet slang

So, if we take an example of the same internet slang or the abbreviation then the same is considered to be that L.O.L. it is being created and made by lots of love or we can also say that the laughing out loud.

Here in this particular article we are going to discuss as well as understand that which all are the top and best acronyms, abbreviations, and also the internet slangs. Have a look at the same. Continue reading the article till the end of the same in order to know more about the same internet slangs. This will help you in knowing more about the answer to the question what does lol mean in the texting and digital language.

The following are some of the top most and also the major types of the abbreviation, acronyms, and also internet slangs:

1. T.T.Y.L – talk to you later
2. A.S.A.P – as soon as possible
3. B.R.B – be right back
4. G.T.G – Got to go
5. W.B.U – what about you
6. DM – direct message
7. L.M.A.O – laughing my ass off/ out.
8. L.O.L.- laughing out loud
9.  D.M. – direct message
10. R.T.- re tweeting
11. A.M.A.- ask me anything out there
12. H.T. – has tag
13. I.M.H.O. – in my humble opinion
14. F.A.Q. – frequently asked question
15. T.B.H. – to be really honest

So, exactly what does lol mean in the digital communication and also in the text language?

The meaning of this particular acronym can be understood and is used in 2 different ways, which is mentioned below in the article. Have a look at the same.

1. Laughing out louder
2. Lots of love

To be really honest, these acronyms and abbreviations have actually made the online and texting communication easier as well as also very smoother over the internet. These are being used by the people all across the globe in order to make the conversation and the communication easier as well as smoother.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using the acronyms, abbreviations, as well as the internet slang in your day to day social media chatting as well as the digital communication in order to make the conversation and communication easier and smoother.

I hope you have got the answer to the same question of what does lol mean in texting as well as digital language. 

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