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Antibody tests: How Reliable Are They?

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Antibody testing is an effective way to know about the development of antibodies by the immune system. This test works in a different way than covid diagnostic testing. The difference is that it cannot highlight the symptoms of coronavirus. But can only detect whether antibodies are developed when someone is infected with the virus. This post highlights the summary given by the clinical experts about the authenticity of the antibody test. However, more research is yet to perform to conclude whether this test is effective or not.

What are antibodies?

Antibodies are the proteins that can be found in the blood of people. When a virus infects someone, the immune system develops the proteins that combat the infection. For instance, if you are vaccinated against the virus, then your body will produce coronavirus antibodies. They will protect your body from getting a severe infection from the virus to prevent intense illness or risk of mortality. Antibodies usually remain for a short period after vaccination and due to infection. At coronavirus infection, your body may or may not develop the antibodies. However, if you are vaccinated, then the chances of antibody development are higher.

How does an antibody test work?

The antibody testing will state whether your body has produced antibodies or not. This test is usually performed by pricking the fingertip to extract blood from the body. The sample will be checked in the clinical lab by the technician. This test can detect two types of antibodies in the body.


This is the largest antibody type that mainly developed at the initial phase of covid infection. This is the first antibody that this test can detect, which appears in response to initial virus attacks.


This is the most commonly found antibody in the blood. It is released by Plasma B cells. But this antibody usually develops later when the virus attacks the body. Most people develop this antibody after 14 days once exposed to the virus contamination.

Is this test effective?

Well, the formation of coronavirus antibodies may take place later when you are exposed to the virus. As per experts, this test can detect accurate results for antibody development if performed after 14 days. Performing this test too early might lead to false results since antibodies usually develop after 2 weeks of infection. This test can produce results with positive or negative. It states whether your body has produced proteins or not when you got the infection.

To Sum up

Antibody testing should generally not be executed to diagnose current covid infection. This is serology testing which can only detect the development of antibodies in the body. This test effectively knows whether your body's immune system has developed proteins against viruses. But it does not mean that you cannot get a covid infection in the future. You still have to take preventive measures to protect yourself against viruses.

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