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About Pandemic Memes

Pandemic Memes has been started by someone who cherished the idea of creating the next new thing for a long time (literally since being a small kid), but never really got the time to work on this dream. Untill the year 2020 which has been an eventful year for many of us. The most recent pandemic caused by the Covid19 virus has been the reason of locking down many cities, regions and even whole countries, and this new virus also got an impact on the life of the one who started this page out of boredom to kill some time, have a good laughter and keep it light while being in quarantaine, afterall it is well known that laughing boosts your energy level and the most important thing in such times your immune system! 

The word “pandemic” comes from the Greek “pan-” which means “all” and “demos” which means “population”, so Pandemicmemes is going to be a widespread community affecting everybody!

Pandemic Memes is going to be -THANKS TO YOU- the best place to spend your time on!  I tried to keep it as simple as possible, in such a way that it would have the simplest way for everyone -even your quarantained grandma- to publish, collect and share some fun during boring times -so don’t keep this hidden gem to yourself and share it with her!

Explore Pandemicmemes for the most popular memes, breaking stories, awesome GIFs, and viral videos on the internet! You can even create quizzes, polls, ranking lists and even custom countdown timers to know how much you have left untill you are allowed to leave your quarantaine, or how long your ownd invented new HIT recipe guacamole-chicken-marshmallow cake needs to be baked in the dishwasher! 

Our website will become – THANKS TO YOU AGAIN! – the next BIG thing for everyone to publish, collect and share fun during boring times!

Thanks you, 

Stay safe, wash your hands regularly and have some fun!

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